When I remember the times I’ve been called out for being too sensitive, I’ll be honest it always stung for a long time afterward.

When it comes to sensitivity level, I arrived on this earth with an extra helping. Since the beginning, I’ve been sensitive in a myriad of ways — to everything from a variety of foods to sensing the most subtle of facial expressions.

It wasn’t until I heard a physician talk about sensitivity in a positive light that I started to reframe my beliefs around being a sensitive person myself.

She told the story of the first…

Many of these tips are things I have seen my clients implement in my five years as a nutrition consultant — especially those clients who’ve set out to affect their aging process.

To begin, let’s take a minute to talk about aging in our society.

We’ve been sold a big bunch of hogwash when it comes to the way we are supposed to age, and by “we” I mean both women and men, and also children and young people.

We are told that as we approach middle age, we must get prepared for a whole slew of symptomology including aches…

Find the thing.

I say that to my daughters all the time.

Find the thing that you can enjoy AND that you can master.

When I was a young mom suffering with postpartum depression, I remember feeling like I was cooking my way out of it. Back then, cooking was that thing for me, and I’ve since learned that something was actually happening to my brain when I was learning to cook.

Thanks to Dr. Jacqueline Gollan, PhD, I now know the name of this phenomenon: it is called behavioral activation, and it occurs when we focus on goals of…

We all get into a rut sometimes.

When it comes to what I am going to cook and eat, my ruts often mean way more take-out meals than normal and/or the feeling like I have a pantry full of food but nothing to pull together a meal.

It can be hard to find the inspiration, motivation and, let’s be honest, the discipline to get into the kitchen and make a meal. …

Truth can’t be mass produced. It doesn’t exist on a magazine cover, nor is it in the bold red text scrolling across my television screen.

The truth is a raw diamond, lying quietly in a sea bed, under a secure cover of sand and earth.

To arrive at it, we must take a long journey down into the belly of our worlds, diving deeply into dark waters and breaking into bedrock, where unexpected certainty, brilliance and clarity reside.

Up here in the light blue ether, we live in a world full of shiny objects, of which we might be prudent…

The office had vaulted ceilings with red maple beams, well-placed plants, and a mix of lived-in leather furniture and a couple of impeccably upholstered accent pieces. There was a heavy lacquered desk and an analogue clock and a vintage birdcage in the southwest corner of the room. The cage was empty and extraordinary.

I settled into a wingback chair that felt like an old friend.

“Orient yourself. Breathe. Be here now,” the energy worker said.

And I thought: But am I really? Am I really here now?

That is one thing about surviving a near-fatal accident: it can lead a…

Static came over the radio, then a few unintelligible words, and we were off. Our driver moved over the dirt roads with incredible pace and agility, and there was a palpable collective excitement of the half dozen of us who flew across the land in the open-air Jeep.

We raced towards the burnt orange horizon and I could feel a nip of cold in the air, but mostly, my cheeks and body were hot with anticipation.

We dodged, weaved and sped so we could get to her before she crossed the border out of the reserve, but we were also…

After just nine months in the rental house, we had our second chance in a year to purge. There is nothing like moving to inspire ruthless decluttering.

The bigger move had taken place the summer before, when we pulled the ripcord on urban life and hightailed it out of the City.

Nearly two decades there had produced a lot of stuff, but we whittled down our possessions in a pretty significant way before a temporary stay in a sweet suburban rental.

Now we’d reached the end of the brief but joyful time in that rental house, and we had the…

California air quality is still very poor, so I am exploring supportive foods this week, and a very unusual, Northern-Hemisphere native is high on my list — the charcoal-colored chaga mushroom.

I am purposely careful when suggesting mushrooms to my clients (the culinary and medicinal kind, that is…. I’ll leave the psychedelic ‘shrooms to others!). Some mushrooms can be classified as more than just food. They can be seen as nutraceuticals, which are foods (or food products) that provide significant health and medical benefits and have physiological effects.

While button and portobello mushrooms have long been commonplace in our grocery…

Dandelions on a spring morning.

Dawn is my favorite time of my day, as I quietly celebrate and gently turn eastward to witness the sun cast its warm glow upon us all.

I work though the dark, and by daybreak I have long gone to rest.

My shift usually begins around 1 a.m., but I am often called upon to begin hours earlier, always mobilizing deep in the night while people are asleep, including you — my keeper.

If you stay awake, as you sometimes do, I get distracted. You often feel anxious during those hours, and your restless energy gets on me.

You and…

Nicole Bianchi, NC

Mom, nutritionist and writer ruminating about life, beauty and food from a nook near a mountain. nicolebianchinutrition.com

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